Capital, Credit and Treasury Management

Capital, Credit, and Treasury Management Practice 


Our Capital and Treasury Management Practice offers comprehensive services to help your business navigate financial risks and optimize financial performance. Our team of experienced professionals with a proven track record of success advising banks on market risk management provides tailored solutions to address your needs and challenges. Our methodology leverages advanced data and analytics capabilities, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, to enhance your ability to manage complex risk scenarios and requirements.  


Our focus areas include: 


Capital Management 


  • Capital Adequacy Assessment: Analyze the bank’s current capital position and assess its compliance with regulatory requirements (e.g., Basel III). 
  • Capital Optimization: Develop strategies to optimize the bank’s capital allocation based on risk and return objectives. 
  • Capital Stress Testing: Perform stress tests to simulate the impact of various scenarios on the bank’s capital adequacy. 
  • Capital Planning and Forecasting: Develop capital plans and forecasts to ensure the bank meets its future capital needs. 
  • Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP): Review and enhance the bank’s ICAAP framework, ensuring robustness and alignment with regulatory expectations. 
  • Management and Governance: Design and implementation of governance, processes, models, data, technology, and reporting related to capital management, anticipating and adapting to regulatory changes 
  • Liquidity: Identifying, measuring, and managing liquidity risk to comply with regulatory expectations 


Treasury Risk Management 


  • Liquidity Risk Management: Analyze the bank’s liquidity profile and develop strategies to manage short-term funding needs. 
  • Interest Rate Risk Management: Analyze the bank’s exposure to interest rate fluctuations and develop hedging strategies to mitigate risks. 
  • Foreign Exchange Risk Management: Analyze the bank’s exposure to foreign exchange fluctuations and develop hedging strategies to manage risks. 
  • Cash Flow Forecasting: Develop accurate cash flow forecasts to support liquidity planning and decision-making. 
  • Payment Optimization: Review and optimize the bank’s payment processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs. 
  • Treasury Technology Assessment and Implementation: Assess the bank’s current treasury technology and recommend and implement solutions to improve efficiency and risk management. 


Market Risk 


  • Market Risk Analysis: Conduct comprehensive analyses of the bank’s exposure to various market risks, including interest rate risk, liquidity risk, equity risk, foreign exchange risk, and commodity price risk. 
  • Stress Testing: Develop and execute stress tests to simulate the impact of severe market events on the bank’s capital, earnings, and liquidity. 
  • Scenario Planning: Create scenarios for potential future market conditions and assess the bank’s resilience under various circumstances. 
  • Risk Appetite Framework: Develop a risk appetite framework that defines the bank’s acceptable level of risk exposure for different market risk categories. 
  • Policy and Procedure Development: Assist in drafting and implementing policies and procedures for managing market risks, including risk limits, hedging strategies, and risk reporting requirements. 
  • Hedging Strategies: Design and implement hedging strategies using derivatives and other instruments to reduce exposure to specific market risks. 
  • Portfolio Optimization: Optimize the bank’s portfolio composition to reduce overall risk without sacrificing return objectives. 


Credit Risk 


  • Portfolio Review and Analysis: Analyze the bank’s loan portfolio to identify potential concentrations and areas of high risk. 
  • Credit Rating Methodology Review and Development: Assess the bank’s current credit rating methodology and recommend improvements for accuracy and consistency. 
  • Credit Risk Modeling: Develop or assess existing credit risk models to predict the probability of loan defaults and losses. 
  • Stress Testing: Conduct stress tests to simulate the impact of economic downturns or other events on the bank’s credit losses. 
  • Industry and Sector Analysis: Provide insights into credit risks for different industries and sectors relevant to the bank’s loan portfolio. 
  • Credit Risk Policy and Procedure Development: Assist in drafting and implementing credit risk policies and procedures that align with best practices and regulatory requirements. 
  • Loan Origination and Underwriting Review: Review the bank’s loan origination and underwriting processes to identify and mitigate potential weaknesses. 
  • Loan Monitoring and Early Warning Systems: Develop or improve loan monitoring systems to identify potential credit problems early and implement appropriate remedial actions. 
  • Collections and Recovery Strategies: Develop and implement effective collections and recovery strategies to maximize loan recoveries in case of defaults. 
  • Credit Portfolio Optimization: Advise on strategies to optimize the bank’s credit portfolio and manage risk diversification. 



Our goal is to provide practical, analytically robust solutions that help you effectively manage your financial risks and optimize your business performance. We help banks strengthen their risk management framework, make informed risk-taking decisions, and achieve financial objectives in a dynamic and uncertain market environment. By partnering with our risk consulting professionals, you can trust that your capital, credit, and treasury management needs are in the hands of experienced professionals committed to your success. 

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